Software gestion wouxun kg-uv6d

The kguv6x is a compact, highperformance dual band handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 watts of rf power on vhf and 4 watts on uhf, along with high audio output 500 mw. Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. It provides 5 watts on 2 meters and 4 watts on 440 mhz. The finest most compact wouxun reference guides available. Describe your experience with the wouxun kguv6x and tell us why you give it the rating you did required. With other amateur radio operators in this group, you might find it interesting. Wouxun kguv9d mars software and prog software zipped. One thing the software does not do is automate the offset like other ham software. When using the correct software you can not use any other file that you may have saved from another application or.

Wouxun programming and unlocking programs published by david nash on august 25, 2011. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. Folded to the size of a credit card for easy carrying in a wallet or purse. Also the programming software has to find the right port, so you may hook it up and get an. Transceiver wouxun kguv6d user manual 38 pages transceiver wouxun kguv6d user manual. Rebate forms, programming software, drivers and files for many of the models we sell. I would like to thank all my subscribers and viewers for your input. Buy wouxun kguvd1p programming software and usb from. This radio also receives the fm broadcast band 76108 mhz. Kunden, welche diesen artikel kauften, haben auch folgende artikel gekauft.

Kguv3d includes the extended life 1700 mah liion battery pack and a redesigned black textured case. Based on the popular kguvd1p, updates have popped up such as the kguv2d and kguv3d. Wouxun is setting the new standard with an inexpensive full featured dual band dual receive handheld radio. Kguv8d radio programming software wouxun radio software. Kguv6d programming software kostenlos windowsversion.

The software allows you to create and save as many files as you want for your radio. Wouxun software download baofeng software download. I ordered my radio several nights after i passed my tests for the general license yippee. Power output is 5 or 2 watts on vhf and 4 or 2 watts on uhf. You must use wouxun kgud1p software to program this unit. The wouxun kguv6d presents great value in a well built, compact package. Rpskguv6s software software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kguv6d, kguv6d v2, and kguv6x radios. Wouxun kguvd1p programming software and usb radioworld. Kguv6d programming software free download windows version.

Im very happy with this wouxun kguv6d and i highly recommend it. To take full advantage of this site, please enable your browsers javascript feature. The internals of the radio are the same as is the fcc id. Whenever i want another wouxun programming software, but i know the xyl will question where it came from, i just make sure its the same colour as the last. I describe in a previous post how to use this software. Kguv commander for kguvd1p, kguv2d, kguv3d kguv commander for kguv6d.

Wouxuns new inexpensive, compact, full featured dual band handheld amateur radio. The programming software can be downloaded for free. Wouxun kguv6x, wouxun kguv6d dual band handitalkie. Wouxun two way radios baofeng tyt usa dealer kgudv1p ham radio dual band ht lowest price fast shipping buy online wouxun chargers, antennas, parts, software and cables. Kguv6 programming software for editing memory channels and menu settings and usbk4y cable for transferring the data to and from the radio. I own a wouxun kguv2d from import communications and a kguv3d from hro. Works only with the rt systems usbk4y cable as shown below. Vhfuhf handheld fm transceiver 18 pages transceiver wouxun kguv950p user manual. All wouxun speaker mics, lapel mics and earpieces kguv8d, kguv3d, kguv6x, db16x are compatible with the new kguv9d plus. View and download wouxun kguv9d user manual online. There are rumors afoot that wouxun is releasing a new version of its popular kguvxd line, the kguv6d.

Files can even be shared between users via email or the internet. I do apologize for the editing, uploading of new videos in place of others, and also losing the comments, questions you have. Kguv6d programming software is a free program that allows you to edit the radio configuration for the wouxun dualband models. Software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kguv8d8d plus radios. Reverse antenna adapter for wouxun, from sma to bnc adapter also can get their reverse adapter for sma to pl259. Wouxun kguv8e tri band software zipped direct download. Only the firmware and some cosmetic differences in their. These links will take you to jim mitchells web site to download the software.

If you use aftermarket software or software for one of the other wouxun models it will damage the unit. The wouxun kguv6x dual bander presents great value in a well built, compact package. Software programmable via the optional low cost usb programming cable or manually programmable via keypad. Quick reference guide for wouxun kguv6d, kguv6p and kguv6x radios. Wouxun kguv3d2uhf transceivers ht dual band 2m70cm. Mobile radio 41 pages transceiver wouxun kguvd1 user manual.

Managing all the options of this radio becomes easy with the software. The wouxun kguv3d2420520 dual bander presents great value in a well built, compact package. Kguv6d direct download zipped use only on 6d units with f2 serial number only narrow band radio. Wouxun kguv6x dual band vhfuhf 200 channel handheld commercial radio the kguv6x is a compact, highperformance dual band handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 watts of rf power on vhf and 4 watts on uhf, along with high audio output 500 mw. You can also addeditmovecutcopypastedelete memory channels, extend program band limits, search for duplicates or importexport csv files. I also have a baofeng uv5r and its a great little hand held too but this wouxun cost about 3 times as much as the baofeng and you can tell that this wouxun is a quality radio and a real performer.

Wouxun kguv9dplus transceivers ht dual band 2m70cm. Kguv commander by jim mitchell free programming software for the wouxun dual band radios. Concisely documents the procedures for programming and operating your radio. Vhf frequency range is 6174 mhz and uhf frequency range is 420470 520 mhz. This transceiver offers latest design, enhanced features, solid performances and easy accessibility. Kguv3d includes the extended life 1700 mah liion battery pack, a redesigned heavy duty textured case and the latest firmware with new features. From what i can gather its somewhat different from the uv2d since you can not use the software from the uv2d and even suggests it can kill your radio. Sir i just bought it fews days ago i got software for kguvd1p what was happend i went to program click read fro radio enstead write to radio i accident hit write to radio and send all 2 meters and 440. This post provides programs and help for wouxun programming, my radio is the kguv3d model, but the uv1 and uv2 models are the same with different firmware. Two way radio user manual, programming software wouxun. However it is very easy to transfer to and from the. Laminated foldout pocket guide, with six panels of information that cover everything the radio does.

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